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Yaheetech Rustic Wooden Bar Stools Review

Whether its for a kitchen, living room or outdoor space, bar stools are a modern and contemporary form of seating that can be a stylish and sleek alternative to chairs. In this post we will be reviewing Yaheetech's set of two Rustic bar stools, and breaking down the pros and cons of the product to see whether it would be worth the purchase for you!

Where Can You Use Bar Stools?

You may think that the use of barstools have very limited usage within your home because of how tall they are, however this is not true, and with a little know-how, they can be an amazing alternative to regular seating within your home.

So Where can you actually use them within your home?

• Kitchen Islands

• Kitchen Tables

• Desk areas (such as in offices or bedrooms)

• Bathrooms (We have seen stools being used in bathrooms as a 'getting-ready' station)

• In the garden/ Patio if required (we wouldn't recommend leaving outside for long periods of time)

The overall message is that you should try experimenting and using your imagination with where you can place your barstools, as they are such an underrated (and cheaper) alternative to regular seating, and can look much more stylish and minimal...

What Does the Yaheetech Bar Stools Package Include?

The kit that is comes with the amazing price includes:

• 2 x Wooden Seats

• 2 x Metal Stool Legs

• 8 x Bolts (To fasten seat to legs)

• And Appropriate tools for construction

The package includes everything which you will need to help you construct the stools with ease!

Check Out The Latests Pricing Here: https://amzn.to/2Mqg0Mz

We were originally looking for some good looking Rustic Bar stools for our kitchen island when we came across these beauties! We were incredibly shocked by their price as we thought that they would be any least double the price of what they were which was a very pleasant surprise. Reading some of the reviews of previous buyers lead us to actually make the purchase as all of the reviews said how amazing the quality and price of the stools was.

We really loved their Rustic/ Industrial style with their wood on metal appearance. This black metal and dark wood combination has become incredibly popular within recent years, and we really love it too!

The shape of the seats fits your bottom perfectly, and really adds to the comfort of sitting on this stool. Normally with stools, you can't wait to get off of them because of how hard and uncomfortable they are. However with these ones it was quite the opposite... And is a really nice seat for when we are eating our breakfast in the mornings.

The rubber feet on the bottom of the stools are also such a lifesaver, and a really nice touch! They prevent you from damaging floor with the metal frame, and also prevent you from sliding about when sitting on the chair!

Check Out The Latests Pricing Here: https://amzn.to/2Mqg0Mz

Our Opinion

We were really happy with the overall feel/look of these Rustic Stools and we think its one of those things that you have to feel and look at in person to really gauge how good they are. We also really liked the fact that you get two stools within the price range!

Regarding the size of the stools, they were honestly the perfect size for the majority of tables/ islands which we had in the home (With an exception of a few smaller tables). And they could really easily substitute chairs!

We also loved the black metal on dark wood aesthetic in these stools, and think that they would look amazing in a small cafe or library with other Rustic decor!

As far as functionality goes, they are definitely the comfiest stools that we have tested due to their contoured seat which doesn't make your bottom ache! We also really liked the foot hold on the stools, but found them a little too high up on the stool for our liking, which is something we would have liked to have seen changed in the stools. But apart from this, the stools are very robust and comfortable and work incredibly well as seating.

The assembly process was a complete doddle and took about 3 minutes to put together! All it took was placing the two parts together and fastening four bolts using the tools provided, and you have a fully assembled bar stool!

One of our issues we found with the stools was that there was an ever so slight colour difference between the stools. We bought four stools and found that one of the four stools was ever so slightly lighter than the other three which may be a little frustrating to some people. However it was not a problem for us as we found it to give more of a hand made feeling, and not the feeling of it being made in a factory. But we found no other issues with the stools, and we were incredibly happy with the way that they turned out in the home!

Check Out The Latests Pricing Here: https://amzn.to/2Mqg0Mz

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