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LA BELLEFÉE Votive Candle Review 2019

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

A review of the Beautiful LA BELLEFÉE Scented Votive or Prayer Candle for your Home Decor

I was apprehensive to purchase this Votive candle set by LA BELLEFÉE but after reading reviews on the candle, and seeing the fantastic scents of candles that they have to offer, I had to try them out for myself... And trust me, I was not disappointed.

What is a Votive Candle?

A Votive Candle is a type of candle which is burnt as a votive offering usually during an act of prayer (especially within the Roman Catholic and Anglican denominations). The Votive candle is also known to be called a prayer candle, and is typically white or beeswax yellow in colour.

What Does the LA BELLEFÉE Votive Candle Set Include?

The Votive Candle Set Includes a Total of 3 different candles (each candle is 135g) with a range of different scents. The scents included within the candle set include Bluebell, Blood Orange, and my personal favourite Pear and Freesia. So there is a very large variety of scents and candles included within this package. The amazing thing about this is that you can mix and match these candles and place them around your home to what suits you the best! You may want to place the Bluebell candle in your bathroom, and then have the Pear and Freesia candle for prayer for example. The choice is yours!

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The candles themselves are made from 100% natural soy wax, which means that it won't generate acrid smoke, and is harmless to humans, animals and the environment!

The candle is set in a beautiful glass jar which is stylish and fresh, which oozes quality and class. The candle looks fantastic on a shelf or a storage table and really creates a relieved and romantic mood. Each scented candle has an amazing 11 hours burning time which is fantastic, and will definitely last you over the years. These Votive candles also make a great gift for friends and family, whether this may be for Christmas, anniversaries or birthdays!

Our Opinion

We had an amazing time testing these candles out for ourselves, and the experience as a whole from unpacking to lighting (and relaxing) was definitely a hassle free and enjoyable experience!

The candles are packaged beautifully and turned up to the house in a beautiful box which was tied with a bow (which was a really nice touch) and again shows that these would make a perfect gift or housewarming present!

After unpacking and placing the candles down, it became apparent to me that the quality of these candles were simply amazing, and it definitely showed that lots of care had been put into making these candles the best that they could. This was evident both in the glass jar which the candles were set in, and the actual smell of the candles themselves.

The smells of all of the candles were so natural and smelt more like an essential oil, which we really liked. A lot of candles have a very artificial smell, but these candles smelt beautifully natural and delicate, and filled the whole room with a cozy and comforting smell. I had placed the candles in my living room, and I normally light them in the evening when its dark, and I always feel so comfortable and cozy which sets me up for bed really nicely!

Finally, the pricing of the candle set is nothing but a bargain! You pay next to nothing for long life high quality candles which is amazing! I couldn't find anything near this quality for the same price anywhere on the market, which really sets them apart from the rest! At Rustic Home Decor, we would very highly recommend these candles as we couldn't fault them, and they definitely make your house feel like more of a home!

Check Out The Latests Pricing Here: https://amzn.to/312UW2z