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The Best Indoor Plant Pots Under £10

Updated: May 27, 2019

What are the Best Indoor Plant Pots 2019? In no particular order, we will be breaking down some of our favourite indoor plant pots that are all under £10! If that's not a reason to start kitting your greenery out, I don't know what is!

10. T4U 7CM Ceramic Summer Trio Succulent Plant Pots

These pots are definitely one of our favourites! They fit own with almost any colour scheme, and their hand made aesthetic is beautiful. The pots have been made to such a high standard, and the overall appearance is perfect for any space in the home. What we particularly liked about these indoor plant pots was the fact you are getting three times your moneys worth, all under £10 which is amazing, and an offer hard to refuse!

9. T4U 7.5CM Ceramic Japanese Style Succulent Plant Pots

The Japanese styled pots look amazing against a white background or wall. Their modern but contemporary style suits almost any room. I would personally put these on a shelf somewhere in my bathroom as I think the blue would work really well with the room. I also really like the bamboo coaster, and it makes a brilliant addition to the pot as a whole, so you're definitely getting your moneys worth (especially since its two pots for under £10!).

8. Burgon & Ball Aztec Indoor Ceramic Plant Pot Small in Charcoal Grey

We stumbled across this pot in a recent advertisement, and we really liked the rustic and grungy appearance of it. We particularly liked the aztec feeling of it with the etched arrows and rugged stone look, almost as if the design had been scratched and painted into the pot. We think that this Aztec pot would look great on a shelf somewhere next to ornaments.

7. Through the Wooden door Grey Geometric Stripe Planter

This pot is the perfect pot for planting succulents and cacti. Its beautiful and rustic appearance allows it to fit in with any space in the home. Its hand made appearance and build quality are all factors in what makes this plant pot such an amazing home decor item. The pot is made from dark grey concrete, giving the pot a heavy and premium feeling, which makes it ideal for smaller indoor plants. And all of this for under £10... Who could refuse!

6. Elho Brussels Anthracite Oval Flowerpot

This beautiful modern and stylish plant pot caught my eye due to its incredible shape. Unlike most plant pots, this pot had a very wide rim, and was actually oval. The pot is made recycled materials, and is light weight and durable. This plant pot was also incredibly cheap, and fits really nicely in this top ten list! Check out the Plant Pot yourself as to how incredibly cheap it was.

5. T4U 17CM Ceramic White Modern Oval Design Succulent Plant Pot

This was a really cute little plant pot which we stumbled across during our research, and we all really liked it. Its unique function allows multiple plants to be potted inside it with its beautiful modern rounded oval appearance. The pot also has a very nice and clean cut bamboo coaster, (which is very similar to the 9th plant pot on our list). We think that this pot would look really nice in a bathroom or in the kitchen (I have placed mine in the kitchen). All in all, this plant pot is incredibly good value for money, and I would highly recommend this Plant Pot to anyone.

4. Elho B.for Soft Round Indoor Flowerpot

You can't go wrong with a simple rounded plant pot. these pots make a very large appearance in my house, just due to the fact that they are so cheap, and look amazing with anything. These particular Elho B plant pots come in a wide range of beautiful pastel colours, bringing the room to life, and creating a real rustic home appearance. These pots also come in a range of different sizes, and are definitely one of the cheapest on our top ten list!

3. Deluxe Indoor Planter Flower Pot with Distressed Green Paintwork Finish

This plant pot is epitome of Rustic... Its beautiful distressed look and rugged colour scheme creates an amazing appearance, which pairs very nicely with the plants which you put in it. We found that putting leafy green plants inside this pot is definitely the way to go. This was because the bright green from the leaves works incredibly well with the duck egg blue of the pot. We also found that the Distressed Paintwork Pot goes incredibly well with textured wood. This may be wood tables or shelves, but this would be a recommendation!

2. Home Garden Ornaments, Imitation Marble Flower Pot

These faux marble plant pots were another recent discovery for me, and they have been an amazing addition to my plant collection! The faux marble effect is a lot better in person than it is through photographs online. This particularly surprised me when I unpackaged them. I ordered the grey marble plant pot, and I placed it on top of a shelving cabinet which was placed up against a grey feature wall in my living room. This turned out to look incredibly nice, and I would definitely recommend buying one of these for yourselves as they are incredibly cheap and look great and very stylish!

1. Ivyline Artstone 102150 Pot

The Ivyline Arstone Pots are definitely some of our all time favourite pots at Rustic Home Decor. They are lightweight, durable and very good quality. The pots themselves look incredibly nice, and have this beautiful stone feeling and appearance. We have several of these pots dotted around our home, and they look amazing with whatever they have potted in them, and wherever they are put. We have a range of colours like the ones seen above, but my personal favourite ones are the white and the grey ones. Overall, the pots are strong, durable and great quality and I would highly recommend them to anyone as they are very good value, and come way under the £10 mark.

I've attached an incredibly useful video on how you can repot your indoor plants at home! This video will be very helpful if you have never repotted a plant before, and is definitely one for the beginners!