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VonHaus Rustic Sea Grass Storage Basket Review

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

What is the Best Storage Basket? Simple and Beautiful home storage solutions. A Review of one of the best Wicker/Grass storage baskets on the market.

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These Beautiful wicker baskets by VonHaus are such a staple and classic storage solution to any home. I feel like you can't go wrong with grass storage basket, and every home needs one. So why not kickstart your basket storage boxes with these amazing Set of 4 Sea Grass Storage Baskets by VonHaus.

With almost two hundred 4.5 star reviews on Amazon, these storage boxes are definitely some of the best on the market, and rank a lot higher than the rest of the competition online.

These particular Grass baskets are incredibly durable and strong with their thick wire frame, and 100% natural woven sea grass. This fantastic natural sea grass is dried and woven in a way which is incredibly strong, long lasting and durable.

These baskets are a charming addition to any room and offer a practical and classically stylish storage solution for a wide range of items.This could include clothing, accessories, beauty products, letters, paperwork and general bits & bobs.

The baskets can also stack inside each other, meaning that they take up very minimal space when they are not in use. All four baskets are the same size and measure in at 12” X 8” X 6”. This being said, as the baskets are hand-made, they may ever so slightly vary in size to the measurements advertised. In addition to this, as the baskets are made from naturally sourced materials, they colour and shades of the baskets may also vary. However, we really liked the fact that these baskets looked slightly different as it created a Rustic appearance which we really liked.

We also really liked the fact that VonHaus did a range of different sea grass storage solutions such as a Set of 3, Set of 4 With Lids and a Set of 4 Tiered shelving. We really liked them all, but we particularly liked the regular set of 4 due to its versatility and ridiculously cheap price range!

Overall, we thought that these Sea Grass Baskets were such an essential within the home. We would highly recommend buying these for under bed storage as they fit perfectly under!

Check Out The Latests Pricing Here: https://amzn.to/2JERrKk