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Rustic Hanging Firefly Fairy Lights Review 2019

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

What are the Best Fairy Lights 2019? A Beautiful addition to brighten up and style your home!

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Having seen these lights on a recent advertisement, I was initially drawn to the beautiful glass jars which they used. I decided to look further into the item, and was astounded by the amazingly good price of them. I thought that they would be much more expensive, considering the amazing appearance. This and the idea of where they could be placed in my home, led me to purchase them, and trust me, I was not disappointed.

After unpacking the lights, I was extremely happy with the overall quality of the product. The glass jars were particularly good. This paired with the cork lids, and the fairy lights made a great combination.

The battery power pack allowed me to place them anywhere in the home (meaning that there was no need to be near a plug socket). This later allowed me to put them in a corner of the living room hanging off a shelf where there actually wasn't a plug socket nearby. This allowed it to be incredibly convenient and easy for me, as I wouldn't have been able to put lights there if it wasn't for the battery pack.

Another very nice feature with the Firefly Jar Fairy Lights was the built in timer feature. This allowed me to set a timer for when the lights would come on and off. Personally, I put them on a 6 hour on, and a 18 hours off timer. Meaning that they came on in the evening, and then turned themselves off a little after I went to bed. This saved me so much time and effort, and also saved the battery of the lights.

The only slight problem that I had with the lights was the fact that the cord that the battery pack connects too was a little too short for my liking. This made it a little difficult to set up if you were hanging the lights from a higher place, like on a high shelf for example. This being said, I managed to find a solution to the problem, and it all worked out fine, and looked amazing in the end. If I could give one piece of advice while putting the lights together, it would be to make sure that the corks are fastened and placed tightly in the jars. I say this as I almost dropped one of the glass jars when I was putting the lights together, but just as long as you keep this in mind, you will be fine.

Overall, I would very highly recommend the Firefly Jar Fairy Lights to anyone that has a shelf or wall that needs lifting a little. This was definitely the case for me, and the lights completely changed the feeling of the room with its warm and rustic appearance. All in all, the product is great value for money, and is definitely a game changer as far as home decor goes!

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