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Open Plan Kitchen Living Room

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Open Plan Living has become a bit of a sensation within recent times, and more interior designers and architects are having to cater for Open Plan needs within a home. Open plan kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms are all making appearances, but is it all its cracked out to be?

What Does Open Plan Mean?

Open plan living, which is sometimes called 'Open concept living' is used to describe the removal of physical features within the home such as walls or doors for example. This has been done to make the space feel larger and allow the rooms to breathe. This technique is mainly demonstrated in rooms which function similarly, for example within the kitchen and dining room, or the living room and dining room. This allows the space to open up more, and give more of a light and airy feeling which is becoming more in trend

Image Via: Ideal Home

Why Open Plan Kitchen Living Room?

People say that the Kitchen and the living room are the two hearts of your home that everything revolves around. Chances are, you spend a lot of your time at home within these two spaces. And sometimes they can feel seperate and distant from one another. These reasons have lead many people to dream of creating a beautiful open plan Kitchen and Living room.

An open plan kitchen is amazing for multi-functionality, meaning that you could be keeping an eye on the kids when they are in the living room, whilst you are cooking for example. or even be able to carry on socialising with guests whilst you are cooking. This would not have been a possibility without open plan living. This is particularly useful if your kitchen or living room is not very large. knocking down the separating wall will complexity change the mood and feeling of your home. And will definitely make the room look and feel bigger and less claustrophobic.

Video Via: Grig Stamate

What Does Open Plan Living Help With?

Open Plan Living is a really effective way to let in natural light. Due to the large amount of space which open plan living allows for, it is possible to have full length windows, and even sliding glass doors (as seen in the image via: Ideal Home). This is a great way to lift the mood of the area as natural light is always a good thing, and you can never have too much of it! This also allows you to easily integrate the garden into your living space, and really use it to your advantage to integrate the inside with the outside.

The possibilities with open plan living are almost endless. Try to establish a theme really on, for example use accents of colour from your kitchen within your living room, or vice versa. Experiment with textures, material and colours, and make sure you integrate these throughout both your living room and your kitchen to prevent identity loss.

Image Via: Home Advice Guide

Final Thoughts

Open plan living has become such an iconic interior design and architectural trend due to its unique feeling and beautiful airy style. It has also become much more available to do and can be done in many homes with neighbouring kitchens and living rooms by knocking down walls. This opens up the space and creates a more modern and conventional living style which is becoming much more popular. It also allows you to integrate themes from around your home and incorporate them between your kitchen and your living room to create a beautiful space that you can relax and function happily in. Here at Rustic Home Decor, we would highly recommend looking into open plan living further to see if it is for you.

Image Via: Time Beads

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