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Oak Hello Hallway Storage Table Review 2019

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

What is the Best Shoe Rack 2019? A Review of A beautiful Oak Hallway Storage Table

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This versatile and Beautiful storage table is such a magnificent idea. It allows you to store a range of different items in your home in a clean cut and stylish manor. I would say that the main use for it though would be to act as a show rack as well as a small hallway storage device.

I have personally used this Storage Table within the hallway next to my front door. It works perfectly as an area to put my keys and bags down as well as somewhere to neatly store shoes. Meaning that this furnishing serves many purposes whilst beautifully decorating your home!

The sturdy oak frame has an elegantly smooth finish which adds a clean cut appearance to the piece. And although loads of storage is at hand, its slim profile means it can be positioned snugly against a wall to keep the walkway cle

Another very nice touch to this storage space is the fact that the top oak tray is coated with a water resistant lacquer to prevent damage from any items that may be wet from coming outside. There are also white and black top versions also available to suit your home decor style. However, I decided to purchase the oak version as it goes seamlessly with my Rustic Home Decor aesthetic. For more information on finding your aesthetic for your home, click here for the latest and best Home Decor Advice.

The assembly of the cabinet is extremely easy and press free. Its just a matter of attaching a few panels and screws, and its ready to go! The Storage Table is made from American oak and wood veneer, which is assembled and manufactured to a very high standard. The measurements for the Cabinet are roughly 81 x 28 x 75cm meaning that there is more than enough storage for a range of items, but is also slim enough to fit nice and snugly flush against a wall in your hallway.

Overall, this beautiful Hallway Storage Table is an amazing and versatile piece of furniture which is affordable and elegant. Its waterproof top tray allows for quick and easy storage for keys and wallets etc, and having plenty of room for shoe storage below. I would highly recommend purchasing this item (you wont regret it), and it will make a positive difference to any home!

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