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Love-KANKEI Rustic Two-Tier Floating Shelf Review

A short and snappy review on the latest Love-KANKEI Floating shelf. Us at Rustic Home Decor will give you our honest and transparent opinion on what we think of Love-KANKEI's Rustic Two-Tier floating shelving. We will be giving you the pros and cons of this product, and give you our opinion on whether or not it will be worth purchasing (giving you some of our tips and tricks on the way). So stay tuned and grab your reading glasses!

What is a Floating Shelf?

A floating shelf is a type of shelf which is attached to a wall, and has no visible support brackets or fastenings. The effect of a floating shelf is incredibly stylish and minimal, and can also come in handy when saving space within a room, as no floor space is being taken up.

Floating shelves are usually attached to the wall with two or more retaining screws which attaches the internal bracket of the floating shelf to the wall. The shelf itself is usually then slid over the over the top of the supporting bracket, sandwiching it in place. For more information on floating shelves visit here!

What Does the Love-KANKEI Rustic Shelf Include?

The kit that is comes with the amazing price includes:

• 2 x Wood Boards

• 2 x Metal Brackets

• 4 x Long Screws (For the wall)

• 4 x Short Screws (For the wood board)

• 4 x Dry Wall Anchors (Which are a life saver)

The shelving package includes everything which you will need to help you assemble and attach the shelf to the wall (minus the tools). If you wish to find a step by step tutorial on how to attach floating shelves then follow the link provided: https://www.homedecorrustic.com/post/how-to-put-up-floating-shelves-on-plasterboard-drywalls

Check Out The Latests Pricing Here: https://amzn.to/2KlJVTE

The unique appearance of this shelving is what initially drew us to purchasing it, and we were intrigued by its industrial yet elegant Rustic appearance. The beautiful shelving consists of two custom made torch finished wood panels which can both withstand roughly 50lb's of pressure (leaving plenty of options as to what you can display on the shelves).

The shelf is then complimented with a striking metal work frame (coated in environmentally friendly non-toxic paint) which works with the torch finished wood incredibly well, and really gives a beautiful Rustic effect.

The shelving is suitable to be placed anywhere within your home which we think is amazing, and I'm even sure it would look beautiful placed in a kitchen to display jars and herbs/ spices for example! But we think placing the shelving in a bedroom/ living room would be the most appropriate, especially if you have other Rustic Decor elements within your home.

Check Out The Latests Pricing Here: https://amzn.to/2KlJVTE

Our Opinion

The package arrived very promptly in the post which was a pleasant surprise, and came 2 days after we ordered it which was a bonus! After unpacking the box which it was shipped in we were very happy to see that it included everything which you needed to assemble the shelving such as the screws and instructions etc (which a lot of other shelves which we had reviewed did not have) so the shelf gained extra points for the smaller details such as this!

We also really liked the visual aesthetic of the shelf with its 'D' shaped metal iron brackets which we hadn't seen before and really liked. The sturdy appearance of the shelves was also supported by the fact that each shelf could hold about 50lb's of pressure which we thought was really good as usually most shelfs only hold a fraction of this weight.

Another thing which really stood out to us was the fact that Love-KANKEI also thought about how this shelf may be put up on plasterboard drywalls (they thought of a lot of different scenarios) by including drywall anchors within their package, and we really liked that they had taken extra care to think about including them for those who may need them! For more information on how to attach shelving on drywall plasterboard floor this link: https://www.homedecorrustic.com/post/how-to-put-up-floating-shelves-on-plasterboard-drywalls

Some of the more negative things which we noticed with this shelving include the fact that we felt that the wood itself felt quite flimsy. This may be due to the reason that the wood was very light, which later led us to doubt the strength of the shelf as we were quite worried that if we put anything too heavy on the shelf that it might break. This was however not an issue as we tested the shelving (which was attached to plasterboard drywall) by putting weights on it, and we found out that the shelf was actually very strong (subject to our initial belief) as we managed to put about 45lb's of weight on the shelf which we were comfortable with. We wouldn't recommend putting anything which weighs more than this on the shelf just to be safe!

Despite this, we were incredibly happy with how the shelf turned out, and it looks beautiful within the home and serves its purpose perfectly. We would definitely recommend checking the shelving out to see whether or not it would be worth purchasing it for yourself, as we do believe it would make a great addition to a lot of homes!

Check Out The Latests Pricing Here: https://amzn.to/2KlJVTE

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