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Rustic Knowle Tan Leather Dining Chair Review 2019

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

What is the Best Dining Chair 2019? A brief but informative review of the Knowle Antique Tan Leather Dining Chair

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The Knowle Antique Tan Leather Dining Chair was a recent purchase for me as I was astounded by the beautiful Rustic appearance of the chair. This initial 'Wow factor' later compelled me to buy the chair. And I do not regret my choice at all!

The chair has been such an amazing addition to my living space and fits in perfectly with my style of home and aesthetic. The chair is incredibly comfortable and it feels like you are sinking into it. Its thick padded base, and gentle sloped back fits my seating position perfectly and relieves the pressure in my lower back to give me a weightlessness feeling. With this chair, you are definitely getting your moneys worth.

The quality and feeling of the chair is second to none, and it oozes style and sophistication. The leather overhang along the seems of the chair are simply beautiful, and really convey a cozy and rustic feeling which brings the room to life. This paired with the beautiful worn leather and oak legs creates a perfect vintage look.

I then later went on to use this particular chair in my office space and it has set the mood for the rest of the room. I went on to including oak accents within the room to reflect the chair legs, and a similar leather style ornament. I then went on to pair these with some amazing hanging string lights over my filing cabinet to create the ultimate cozy office (for more info on indoor hanging lights click here to see our Top 12 list).

The overall measurements for this amazing chair are roughly 49 x 59 x 78cm meaning that they are the perfect versatile size to fit in anywhere within the home. Like I said earlier, I have mine as my office chair, and Im actually sitting on this chair as we speak! The back legs of the chair are slightly curved outwards, meaning that the chair leans bag ever so slightly to really give you the utmost comfort while sitting down.

The delivery process of the chair was extremely good, and I received my chair very quickly and with no fuss. It took around 5 days to come which is extremely good, and they even went as far as bringing the chair inside for me! There is also a refund and a return policy in lace if the chair doesn't suit your room, and also free delivery, so what's to lose? I also later found out that there is also a stool available in the same style, So I may also consider buying this too if I can find a suitable place to put it! And I would also recommend checking it out if it is more your style: http://tidd.ly/732916b0

Overall, this chair is the epitome of quality, and oozes style. I would highly recommend purchasing this chair to add it to your home, and play around with it to see where it suits your home best1

Check Out The Latests Pricing Here: http://tidd.ly/384d8c9a