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How To Put Up A Curtain Pole

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Curtains are an essential part of almost any room. They provide warmth, cover and keep sunlight out in the mornings.

But how do you actually put up a curtain pole? In this short tutorial we will be showing you how to put up a curtain pole within your own home, and some useful tips and tricks to make this process much easier!

What are Curtain Poles?

A curtain pole (sometimes know as a curtain rod, or curtain rail) is a device used to hold and suspend curtains above windows, and sometimes at the edges of showers and bathtubs to add privacy.

Many curtain poles are decorative and have their own flare (usually to match the aesthetic of the room). Some curtain poles use the end sections to display a decorative feature. This also acts as a stopping mechanism so that the curtains do not fall of the end of the pole.

Here at Rustic Home Decor, we would recommend finding a curtain pole that really fits in with the aesthetic which you are going for in your room. This may mean choosing a certain colour of curtain pole, or maybe a certain style/ design. But make sure that they coordinate with the curtains too! Its definitely worth doing a little bit of research on for yourself!

What You Will Need

- A Screwdriver (Or Drill if you have one)

- A Spirit Level

- A Tape Measure

- Scissors or Stanley Knife

- A Pencil

- Curtains (of your choice)

- Curtain Pole

- Curtain Rings (If Required - Depends on the type of curtain)

We very highly recommend this starter tool kit for home DIY. It had everything we would need plus so much more, and it will definitely be very useful for future home DIY projects!

Check Out The Latests Pricing Here: https://amzn.to/2Xhtw60

Assembling Your Equipment

After purchasing and unpacking all of your required tools and materials, we now need go over and double check that all of pieces are organised and in good working condition. (We would recommend using a tray or container to hold all of the small pieces like screws and hooks so that you don't lose them!)

Depending on the type of curtain Pole which you purchased, the assembly process may be different. But here at Rustic Home Decor, we would recommend this curtain pole as it is sleek, stylish and adjustable depending on the width of curtain required (which opens up options for curtain placement and scale!). This being said, the individual requirements for the assembly of your curtain pole should be included in the instruction manual, so make sure to read that through and familiarise yourself with it.

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Measuring is an essential part of almost any DIY project, and this also goes for curtain poles. Use your tape measure to measure and mark out the length of curtain pole required to cover the entirety of your window (this measurement process should have been done before hand, but it may be wise to measure again to refresh your memory).

This being said, with the purchase of the this adjustable curtain pole, it means that there is an amazing amount of flexibility as far as curtain coverage goes. The Pole can be adjusted to be between 91 to 182 cm long, so make sure the length of curtain you have bought covers this! (As we may have misinterpreted this the first time we assembled a curtain pole, but we managed to learn from our mistakes!!!)

Marking And Leveling

Using your measurements, mark the width of the blinds a few inches above your window (giving plenty of room both to the sides and above the window, just to be safe).

A top tip when measuring and marking is that you can use the top of your window to create an even parallel line above the window, which is a good way to visualise the levelling and placement of the curtain pole.

After marking either side of the window, use your spirit level to make sure that the line you have drawn is straight and parallel with the top of the window, and that you are happy with the distance between the two for your pole.

Attaching The Hooks

After measuring and determining the position of your mounting hooks, we would recommend holding your hooks up against the wall (In the position that they would be in) just to make sure that they fit In well, and that you have measured everything correctly (Do this for both sides).

When you are completely sure that the hooks are placed correctly and that they are straight, feel free to drill them in using a screwdriver, or a drill. The tool used may depend on what you have to hand, or the surface material which you are attaching the curtain too. With wood this process would be very easy to use a screwdriver for, whereas this may be a little more difficult with concrete.

When the hooks are attached, take a step back and just double check that everything looks in good shape, and ready for the next step! If something does not look quite right, just take the hooks back off and adjust accordingly.

Mounting The Pole

This stage is one of the most satisfying stages of the process, and seeing if all of your measurements have worked out to plan. You can now place the Curtain pole on top of the mounting hooks so that it sits nice and flush, and shouldn't rock. Some poles require a secondary fastening method whilst the pole has been placed, so just check the instructions to see if there is one.

Remember before you mount the pole that you need to attach the curtain rings if your curtain requires them (some curtain have eyelets attached already - such as the ones to the right), but not all of them do which means that you would have to purchase them yourself. We found that these curtain rings are the best looking and best value for money, so we would defiantly recommend checking them out!

Check Out The Latests Pricing Here: https://amzn.to/2xrDJSP

Make sure that you disperse the rings evenly between the two side of the pole so that either one of the curtains has the correct amount of support to hold them up.

Attaching The Curtains

Now your curtain rings and your pole have been attached to the wall, it is time to clip the curtain itself on to the clips. This should be a relatively stress free process, however it did require me getting a helper to hold up the curtain fabric whilst I was clipping. So we would definitely recommend getting a helping hand for that!

We found these beautiful grey blackout blinds that worked incredibly well within our Rustic Home Decor, and with our colour scheme. They also came with free tiebacks which meant we didn't have to buy any extra which was very good.

The back of the curtains were equipped with sections to attach the hooks with ease meaning that we just slid the hooks through and then attached them using the rings on the curtain pole. Do this on both sides until all of the hooks are used up, or when you are happy with how the curtains are fastened.

Final Check

The hardworking has been done, now take a step back and check that everything looks good. You are right on your way to becoming a DIY pro, now pack up your toolbox and and sit back and relax with a coffee!

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