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How To Decorate a Small Bedroom on a Budget

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Small houses are making a return... Meaning that space awareness and efficiency are crucial. But is it possible to achieve the feeling of having a large and functional space with hardly enough space to swing a cat, whilst being on a budget? Of course it is...

With the bedroom being an area where you can relax and also have fun (and is more than likely an area where you spend the majority of your time - Like me), it is crucial that it feels and looks amazing. Some might say that having a small bedroom Is a benefit as it can create a warm and cozy aesthetic which will help put you to sleep in a jiffy!

But how can you achieve this homely feeling when you have a small bedroom? Here at Rustic Home Decor, we will be giving you some quick-fire tips and tricks on how to maximise the space and luxuriousness of your small bedroom.

Use Mirrors

The use of Mirrors within any room can completely change its feeling, let alone in a smaller room. Mirrors are so effective in smaller rooms as they can give the illusion of a larger space, thus opening up the room and giving a more spacious feeling.

This works particularly well in bedrooms! We have also found that both wall mirrors and floor mirrors work in this respect and can also portray the same effects. Another thing to note is that the mirror doesn't have to be huge (but normally works a bit better the larger they are), and even a smaller mirror can work just as well to make the room feel a little larger as seen in the image above!

And there's also the added bonus of being able to see yourself to get ready in the mornings (which I would say is a necessity) especially if you look anything like I do right after you wake up!

Keep It Minimal

Keeping your small bedroom very minimal can be an amazing way to make the room feel larger! This can be done by minimising the objects which you have on show, or maybe by choosing a very minimalistic colour scheme...

By keeping the focus on a particular item such as the bed, you can then get away with not having other furniture accessories such as desks as they are not essentials. You can usually get away with not having the majority of non essential furniture within your room by being smart with with the way you function in your room.

Being minimal within your bedroom also allows the space to appear bigger due to the negative space which is more desirable within smaller spaces!

Be Smart With Storage

Make the most of all of the space within your room. This may be under the bed, or on top of a wardrobe for example. It is essential that you maximise the use of all of the space, when you can't afford to lose any.

Some people may turn to getting storage units tailored to their individual room, however this is definitely not essential. All you need is creativity... Be creative about how you can use the space you have! This may mean stocking up on storage baskets or creating your own storage solutions.

We would recommend doing some research for yourself on platforms such as Pinterest (we have made a storage solutions board which you should check out for inspiration).

White Is Winning

There is nothing worse than a dark and dreary bedroom which makes you feel like you are in a cave! Change the mood of your room by using a bright colour scheme such as white to lift and enhance the space within the room.

Check out the attached link for more information on white colours and choosing which colour is best for your room.

We would then pair the white colour scheme with lots of textured throws and cushions to break up the soft colour scheme and add depth to the room. This is a surefire way to make your room feel like a larger space.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are such an amazing way to save space, they are both attractive and incredibly functional and diverse. As they are using up wall space (rather than floor space), it allows you to use that floor space for other things such more furniture, or decorative features!

We would recommend being creative with your placement of floating shelves, as they are so versatile with what they can be used for, and how you can use them. Maybe use a floating shelf as a bedside table and have more storage underneath the shelf? Or use a floating shelf as a bookstand, the choice is yours, and just use your imagination!

We would recommend checking out one of our recent reviews on a rustic three tier floating shelf which can be found here.

Pick a Theme

With 2019 being such an influential year for Home Decor Styles, it may be wise to do some research and pursue one yourself. some of these trends have some very pronounced characteristics which work particularly well in smaller rooms, and can help keep your room interesting and unique.

We would definitely recommend checking out our Home Decor Trends post and see what you like the look of, and if you think it could work well within your bedroom. You may wish to compensate the lack of space in your room by going all out with the style and extravagance of your room. This may take your brain away from thinking about how small the room is!

Bed Style and Placement

The style of placement of your bed can have a large impact on how much space you have within your room. With the bed probably being the largest item within your room, it is essential that it is as space efficient as it can possibly be.

Try to get a bed that doesn't have a bulky frame or headboard. We would recommend a bed without corner poles or a large frame. This is just to preserve the most amount of space possible.

If you are feeling adventurous, you could even purchase a bed with under-bed storage built in (some of these are higher off the ground) and may be a good alternative to dressers/ wardrobes.

You should also consider the placement of your bed within the room, it may be better to place your bed in a corner, or maybe just one side up against a wall to maximise the floor space. But some experimentation within your room may be required!

Natural Light

Natural light is an essential within any room, as after all it is a source of life! Natural light can be a life saver when lifting the mood of a room, and the same can be done with a smaller room as well.

Sometimes being in a small bedroom can feel like you are being cooped up and trapped, but by adding some natural light (and maybe even some artificial light) It can really open up a room, and allows the space to breathe. If you have a window within your bedroom (however big), make sure you use it! Maybe focus your room around this window...

If worse comes to worse, and your room is still feeling quite dull and dark, incorporate string lights or lamps within your room. String lights can be a fun alternative to wall lamps and ceiling lights. Check out our Top Lists section for our post on The Best String Lights!

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