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HomeZone Rustic Three Piece Distressed Sunburst Mirrors Review 2019

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

What are The Best Mirrors 2019? Introduce a sophisticated flair to your living space with this 3-Piece Round Sunburst Mirror Set!

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Initially setting my eyes on these mirrors, I had a double take, and had to scroll back up a little to see them again. I had never seen anything quite like them before. Their peculiar appearance took me by surprise, and I had to take a closer look at them.

The Shabby Shic style was particularly interesting, and fitted in very nicely with my rustic style theme.

Each individual mirror has its own style (even though they have the same aesthetic) which I really liked. Our personal favourite one was the far right mirror (as seen in the image above). We really liked its slender and dainty style which worked really well on our grey feature wall.

I have heard that some people placed each three mirrors individually around the room, But we really liked placing them together in a line which worked really well. We did this as they are not too big, but as a collective, filled up a really nice amount of space on the wall. The fact that they are all different also made them very nice to look at together.

The weathered and worn effect on the mirrors is simply stunning! There is also a gold version of the Sunburst mirrors available, but we preferred the silver version due to its versatility and overall appearance which we preferred. However, if you feel as though the gold version may fit in better with the overall colour scheme of your home, then I would definitely recommend checking out the gold version! For more information on gold and silver within home decor, we've attached a very useful website which we have personally to decipher the drawbacks and benefits of combining and choosing metals! Take a look here: https://www.luxdeco.com/blogs/styleguide/design-debate-silver-decor-vs-gold-decor

At first glance I thought that the mirrors would be made from metal, however after picking up the mirrors and assessing the quality of them, I discovered that they were actually made from plastic which was a little disappointing. They were very lightweight and appeared to be quite durable but unfortunately plastic is still plastic. This being said, they looked like they were made from metal and were of a good build quality meaning that when they were on the wall, they looked very nice!

As far as functionality goes, the mirror works well... Nothing really very special with them, however they do their job and you can see your reflection in each of them just fine. However, we have used them as more of an ornament/ wall decoration within our home as we felt as thought the small size of the mirrors made it a little awkward to get a decent view of yourself. But if you needed to take a quick glance at yourself then they work perfectly (But you wouldn't want to do your makeup in them!).

Overall, we were incredibly happy with the mirrors, their shabby chic style works amazingly, and looks fantastic on any wall space. Their price is incredibly good, especially since you are getting three times your moneys worth. Allowing to get amazing home decor on a budget! We were slightly disappointed by the fact that they are made by plastic, but once they are on the wall, they look amazing and very realistic. Here at Rustic Home Decor, we would very highly recommend purchasing the mirrors!

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