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Home Decor Trends 2019

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

So What Are Some Of The Home Decor Trends Of 2019? We Answer And Break Down Some Of Our Favourite Home Decor Trends From 2019!

Mid-Century Modern Decor

What Is Mid-Century Modern Decor? Mid-Century Modern Decor is an interior design movement which started around 1933 to 1965. Its characteristics include lots of clean flowing lines paired with very organic and gentle curves. Some other main characteristics of the Mid-Century Modern style include the use of a range of different materials and more garish colours. All of these elements have come together to help create a beautiful interior design trend which has become increasingly popular in recent times.

Image Via: Rose & Grey

Rustic Decor

What Is Rustic Decor? Rustic Decor is an increasingly popular interior design trend which incorporates Rugged and Natural Beauty. The Design trend embraces natural and organic shapes, textures and designs in a way that creates a very homely and warm feeling. Putting an emphasis on warm and earthy colours. Rustic Decor is becoming much more prominent within modern homes, and is making a reappearance.

Image Via: Freshome

Nautical Decor

What Is Nautical Decor? Nautical Decor is an interior design style dedicated to making the viewer feel like they are near the ocean. With its incredibly natural and 'easy on the eye' appearance, the style is very ornate and comforting. Its use of inexpensive woods such as drift woods (or other woods found near the ocean), as well as lots of plain colours like whites and greys, this creates a very modern and beautiful style which the Nautical Decor prides itself on.

Image Via: Curbly

Bohemian Decor

What Is Bohemian Decor? Bohemian Decor prides itself on its international and cultural flare. Its style depicts elements that are full of life and very intricate and interesting to look at. The style really embraces a care free feeling which is incredibly relaxed and natural, which is very unusual to see in modern times. This Decor style really demonstrates cultural diversity with many different design and patterns being used from around the world to again reflect this 'free' feeling.

Image Via: IProperty

Farmhouse Decor

What Is Farmhouse Decor? Farmhouse Decor is an interior design style which is full of warm, relaxing and homely character. Its mix between modern contemporary design and a rustic 'country' style creates such a beautiful and warm feeling. Overall, the Farmhouse Decor style is a combination of the old and the new with its stylish, rustic and modern characteristics and its warmhearted overall appearance.

Image Via: Roundecor

Urban Modern Decor

What Is Urban Modern Decor? Urban Modern Decor is orientated around cosmopolitan living, with its very trendy and modern touches and elements. Its industrial and urban style is incredibly stylish and modern with its grungy textures paired with softer elements to create a contrast. This style also likes to incorporate wall art to mix up the feeling of the room and add elements that break up negative spaces.

Image Via: Kanler

Shabby Chic Decor

What is Shabby Chic Decor? Shabby Chic is one of the most popular interior decor styles around the world, and we can definitely tell why! Its beautiful ornate and aged appearance is so visually pleasing and really creates a cozy feeling. Its characteristic distressed and weathered appearance with distressed wood and for example is really beautiful. This paired with some individual shiny elements really makes individual features pop which looks especially nice with oak wood furnishings and flooring.

Image Via: LivingSpaces