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Rustic Three Tier Rope Shelving Review 2019

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

What is the Best Shelving 2019? A Beautiful Addition to Any Room to Display Plants, Pictures or Beloved Ornaments.

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I was initially drawn to the shelving due to its amazing rustic appearance, I had seen a few on the market like it, but I was particularly fond of the type of wood. It has a beautiful rustic appearance, and works incredibly well on my white wall at home.

Averaging at almost a hundred 4.5 star reviews, I was eager to try the shelving for myself. I was extremely happy with the price of the product, as I felt as though it was a country mile cheaper than other hanging shelving which I have been looking at. And also looked a lot better than most of them.

Assembly of the shelving was an incredibly stress free affair. After tying a few knots, and about 3 minutes of assembly, it was ready to attach to my wall!

I was very happy with the build quality, and it felt like time and effort had been made during the manufacturing process. The wood was sanded and varnished beautifully, and I had plenty of rope to work with.

I had also noticed on the website that they did a range of tiered rope shelving, from One tier, two tiers, and the three tiered one which I purchased. It was nice to see that they sold a range, and I did consider buying the others too.

My only issue with the shelving which I noticed was during the stage of attaching the shelving to the wall. It was a relatively simple process (I would recommend grabbing somebody to help hold the shelf still) and the pack came with hooks which can easily be screwed into a solid wall. However the screws which came with it were fairly small, making it a little fiddly to screw in. This being said, they supported the shelving very well, and it felt very stable and secure.

Overall, I would highly recommend purchasing the shelving as it has a beautiful rustic appearance, and was incredibly easy to assemble. I have also had compliments from friends, and have recommended the shelving to them! All in all, its great value form money, and I would very highly recommend the Three Tier Vintage Rope Shelving to everyone

Check Out The Latests Pricing Here: https://amzn.to/2VIZ6xs