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10 Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Home With Plants

It's safe to say that us at Rustic Home Decor have recently become a little obsessed with indoor plants... Im sure it happens to the best of us, but now with an abundance of 'greenage' within our home, it has become apparent that we need places to keep them.

There are so many different products on the market to help with displaying and holding your plants, so we thought that we would save you the hassle of going through them all by recommending products to you along the way!

Sit back, relax and get your trowels at the ready...

Creating a 'Plant Corner'

One surefire way to instantly lift the mood of a room is by creating your very own plant corner. This is where you gather a range of similar plants in a range of sizes and set them in a corner or section of a room.

This is honestly a real treat for the eyes, and we have recently done this within our own home using cacti in a range of different sizes and different types and it honestly looks amazing. If you have enough plants, we would definitely recommend trying this for yourself!

Use Your Windowsill Space

We all know that plants love light, and they wouldn't live without it... So why not use the windowsill space which you have. This may sound like quite a silly and obvious one, but you will honestly be surprised with how many people dismiss their windowsills completely!

We would recommend doing a little bit of research before placing any of your plants on a windowsill, as some plants do better with lower levels of light, and some really dislike direct sunlight. Some plants which really love direct sunlight include:

• Succulents

• Cacti

• Umbrella Plants

• Bonsai

For More Information Check Out This Link!

Go Big or Go Home

Is bigger better? When it comes to plants, on certain occasions we would agree it is! Creating a feature out of a massive plant which you may have in a room is a great way to freshen up the aesthetic of your room.

For example as seen in the image below, this beautiful bird of paradise completely grabs your attention because of how big it is, and the beautiful pot that its planted in! This same effect can be achieved the real or even artificial plants so its really down to you to experiment with placement of the plant, and the type of plant.

If you wish to repot your houseplant, be sure to check out our in-depth tutorial on how to do this! Check out this link here for more information.

Macrame Is the Way!

The Macrame movement is currently in full swing, and these macrame hanging pots are all the range. Add a little spice to your room by incorporating hanging pots to display your plants! This also really helps in preserving space if your room is particularly small as it frees up floor space for other things!

These hanging baskets are also incredibly cheap and make a real difference to the mood of the room. as your eyes are drawn else where other than the floor! However if you are tall be careful as I've hit my head on these on multiple occasions!!!

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Be Creative With Your Pots

Thinking outside the box when It comes to plant pots can be a trendy and affordable option! This may include going to charity shops and garage sales to find odd nik-naks that can be used as a pot plants!

For example old jars and tea pots can be a really fun and different type of pot which may have never crossed your mind. It can also be a really effective way of saving a few pennies as we all know how expensive plant pots can be, so we would definitely recommend getting a bit creative when repotting your houseplants

Rack It Up

This is quite similar to the 'Plant Corner' tip but much better if you have a larger space to fill within your home! Instead of placing the plants on the floor or on a table, try purchasing a plant rack for both your standing plants and your hanging plants.

This beautiful plant stand has three tiers to store a range of different sized plants as well as a hanging pole on top for hanging plants which is a really nice touch!

All in all, the plant stand is a really neat and organised way of storing all of your plants, and looks amazing in large open spaces!

Check Out The Latests Pricing Here: https://amzn.to/33zGPmF

Grungy Textured Pots

Grungy textured pots are really in at the minute, and go perfectly with Rustic Home Decor!

Having some textured pots around the home can really break up the appearance of the room (especially if you have other potted plants in the room).

This particular plant pot is perfect for smaller plants like cacti and succulents, and we would definitely recommend checking this style of pot out yourself!

Check Out The Latests Pricing Here: https://amzn.to/33DmvRe

Shelving is Key!

Floating shelves are a lifesaver for saving spaces and showing off both plants and ornaments. These floating shelves are particularly useful for displaying long draping houseplants as they allow them to dangle from them like a plant holder would!

Or if you are feeling a little down to earth maybe just display smaller plants, the choice is yours! These beautiful Rustic shelves display the plants fantastically and we would really recommend checking them out. For more information of assembling floating shelves check out this link!

Check Out The Latests Pricing Here: https://amzn.to/2YTgbqj

Mix It Up With Fronds And Branches

Something which we don't see very often when dealing with houseplants is the usage of fronds and branches! It's really undercooked, but can add a beautiful and elegant touch to a room or maybe even a dining table?

This technique works particularly well with bohemian or minimalist interior design styles so it might be worth a try! We would recommend doing some research on how to preserve your branches/ fronds so that they don't die immediately!

Try Terrariums! (The New Kids on the Block)

Terrariums are a beautiful and different way of displaying moisture friendly houseplants! They are usually in a sealed glass contour full of soil, gravel and of course the plants. The terrariums are essentially their own functioning eco system as they recycle the moisture in the soil. For more information on Terrariums check out this link.

Terrariums can be a marvellous way of livening up a table or desk as they are so intriguing to look at, and we would highly recommend checking them out for yourself!

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